Cloud Hosted

AcademicWorks offers a cloud-hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) scholarship management suite that keeps you from ever having to worry about managing hardware or installing software updates. With AcademicWorks, you can focus on managing your scholarship process without the burden of managing the technology.

Cloud Computing

Our in-house Engineering team uses the latest technologies to offer a highly scalable and secure platform for our customers. We continually release new features and enhancements without burdening your IT team with maintenance or updates. Every AcademicWorks customer is running the latest version of our highly configurable, cloud-hosted software, which means you’ll never be left behind when new features are made available. The AcademicWorks suite of products is developed using Ruby on Rails. By hosting our platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), we are able to deliver a highly scalable and fault-tolerant platform to our customers capable of meeting the demands any size college, university, or foundation. As traffic increases, we can dynamically scale our infrastructure to meet the increased load while maintaining the security and availability of your information. If you would like additional details about the technologies employed by AcademicWorks, please contact us.


Amazon Web Services provides a highly available cloud-hosting platform that ensures industry-leading uptime and security for all of our customers.  AcademicWorks uses the Chef automation platform to programmatically document and provision our infrastructure.  We continually monitor the health of our infrastructure, and can react to changes in server load by automatically provisioning additional servers as needed.

All major feature releases are tested, put through our QA process, and accompanied with an announcement to our customers prior to being deployed.  Our platform is engineered to allow us to upgrade our software without disruption to our customers, in most cases.  Security patches are treated with the highest priority and are applied as quickly as possible.

All of our customers’ data is stored securely in our highly sharded environment, which prevents the commingling of your information with other institutions’ information.  Your data is continually backed up and all user interactions with the system are logged.


AcademicWorks considers the security of our application and customers’ data to be our top priority.  We have implemented numerous safeguards to ensure the security and continuity of the AcademicWorks platform.  All traffic between the AcademicWorks application and client systems is encrypted over TLS/SSL, and the only publicly reachable server is our load balancer.