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Fall Release: Better Together & Going Global
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2017 AcademicWorks Conference

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The AcademicWorks platform makes it easy to manage scholarships, bursaries, and donor reporting in Canada.

AcademicWorks Enhances Service to Canada

Blackbaud has acquired AcademicWorks!

Blackbaud and AcademicWorks: Better Together

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Scholarship Management
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The AcademicWorks Platform:
A Complete Scholarship Management System

Over 575 colleges, universities and foundations have utilized AcademicWorks to improve their scholarship management processes. AcademicWorks combines a unique blend of market experience, product innovation, outstanding customer service, and cloud-based software delivery to offer our customers benefits that are unmatched in the industry.

Improve Student Access to Scholarships

AcademicWorks’ online scholarship management platform introduces a single scholarship website for institutions, making it easy for administrators to promote all available scholarships on campus to the entire student population. Each student receives a unique, personalized view of the scholarships that they are most qualified for based off student data. Our scholarship management system’s integration with your student information system minimizes the time it takes to complete applications and improves the quality and accuracy of data on each application.

Award Faster with AcademicWorks’ Scholarship Management Software

Save time for students, reviewers, and administrators by streamlining the scholarship process. Our online scholarship management system eliminates countless spreadsheets and stacks of paper applications, automatically applying students to the applicable scholarships. By integrating with a student information system and other internal tools, student data is imported nightly into our secure scholarship management software, providing the needed information to match students with scholarships. The same data can help administrators ensure applications demonstrate donor requirements and help make awarding decisions faster, ultimately saving time, energy, and resources for all parties.

Revolutionize Reporting: Donor Reporting Scholarship Software

Strengthen communication and donor relationships with your institution and scholarship winners. Through a relational database, donor contact information, fund financials, and scholarship recipient data is centralized for donor relations professionals. Our donor reporting scholarship software presents donor relations professionals an option on how they can streamline their donor reporting; Whether it be through the creation of donor reports or providing donors online access to a curated view of fund information, donor reporting has never been easier. Students also benefit from AcademicWorks Engage’s donor reporting capabilities, as it provides students with donor profiles, helping them personalize their thank you letters. Don’t be surprised to find your donor contributions have grown!

Improve Fund Utilization and Effortlessly Monitor Scholarship Compliance

With a complete view of all scholarships across your campus or scholarship foundation, AcademicWorks’ scholarship management system makes it easy to see which scholarship funds have yet to be awarded. The scholarship management platform authorizes access to view all scholarship recipients, making complete campus-wise audits for fund utilization and compliance painless. The ability to integrate with other campus tools also simplifies and streamlines scholarship renewal management. Administrators would no longer need to hunt for up-to-date student data to ensure award winners continue to embody their scholarship requirements.

The AcademicWorks Community - Bringing Administrators Together

The AcademicWorks staff is dedicated to providing our clients the best possible service and support necessary for growth and goal achievement. Our clients are greeted with a team of people to support them from the start. Client service, implementation, and client success teams collaborate with each client to identify areas of improvement, strategize solutions, and execute the appropriate solution for the overall scholarship management process.

We encourage our large community of customers to network and leverage the knowledge within the community through online tools and our annual AcademicWorks Conference, where we collaborate and share best practices.