Four-Year Public Institutions

A platform for colleges and universities to house information on all scholarships and scholarship recipients with flexible permissions and functionality that allows everyone to have real-time access to information they need to streamline the scholarship and donor reporting process. Watch Video

Create a Student-Centered Scholarship Experience

  • Centralize all scholarships in a single location for students to discover and apply for scholarships and submit donor acknowledgements
  • Provide a unique experience for each student to see all scholarships for which they are eligible
  • Automate communications to students at each stage of the scholarship application, awarding, acceptance, and renewal process
  • Provide scholarship award information to students faster

Provide Scholarship Specific Flexibility

  • Manage each scholarship fund no matter the administrator, application type, application dates, or awarding process
  • Implement one flexible solution that can meet the unique process requirements of individual funds and programs
  • Make technology work for your current scholarship process without making major changes to what you’re already doing

Revolutionize Donor Reporting

  • Collect donor acknowledgements through the system as part of the acceptance process
  • Collect fund financials, donor contact information, and scholarship recipient data in a single location to simplify donor reporting
  • Provide awarded recipient information and thank-you letters to donors faster
  • Allow select donors to access curated fund financials and scholarship recipient information directly online
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Provide Central Oversight to a Decentralized Scholarship Process

  • Allow administrative staff, academic departments, and advancement professionals visibility into your scholarship processes and access role appropriate information in each fund, including renewable awards
  • Eliminate the need to track down award information from departments across campus
  • Access key insight into the areas of your scholarship process that need your immediate attention each day

Improve Fund Utilization and Compliance

  • Increase competition for awards by allowing students to be considered for all scholarships through one streamlined process
  • View current campus-wide utilization across all scholarship funds
  • Configure scholarship and renewal qualifications to ensure awards are made in accordance with donor wishes, no matter who is making the award
  • Monitor renewable award recipients from term-to-term to ensure they are compliant with scholarship criteria

Network with Peers

  • Connect with hundreds of scholarship professionals across the country to collaborate on current scholarship trends
  • Learn best practices from hundreds of other AcademicWorks users from across the country
  • Attend the AcademicWorks Conference, one of the largest meetings of scholarship professionals in higher education

Sounds Great. Does It Integrate?

AcademicWorks provides a convenient, nightly process for importing student data for use in matching students with scholarship awards and tracking compliance with renewal requirements. AcademicWorks also offers the convenience of integrating with your campus authentication system, which allows students and administrators to log into your AcademicWorks system using their existing campus credentials.

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