2017 Promoting Scholarships Toolkit

We asked institutions from all across the country what they do to promote scholarships on their campus. From events, to swag, to videos, they shared their best practices and we've compiled all of the top suggestions in a toolkit for you! We hope it will help you to improve scholarship promotions on your campus! Read More


Scholarship Life at Pace University

Download our latest webinar to learn what Pace University is doing to create a streamlined scholarship process on their campus. Read More


Scholarship Life at Maricopa Community College

Learn all about what Maricopa Community College is doing on their campus to improve their scholarship process for students and reviewers. Read More


Sandhills Community College Webinar

During this webinar we saw an energetic presentation from Jonathan Garrison, Coordinator of Scholarship and Work Study Programs at Sandhills Community College. Read More


North Carolina State University Webinar

Join Tara Micgiel as she shares her story about Scholarship Life at North Carolina State University. This webinar is an awesome way to learn more about how colleges and universities are using technology to improve their scholarship and donor stewardship processes. Read More


ADRP & Brown University Webinar

Maximizing the impact of scholarship awards involves individuals from various departments working towards common goals. During this presentation, we will see how you can use the basic lessons of teamwork to improve the scholarship process in your organization. Read More


University of Alabama at Birmingham Webinar Recording Part 2

In this webinar, you will hear about how the UAB office has grown from a one-person shop to a full-service team and how they expanded reporting from endowment donors to impact reporting for mid-level, major, and planned gift donors. Read More


University of Alabama at Birmingham Webinar Recording Part 1

We spoke with UAB about what is happening on campus to support the admissions and scholarship awarding process. Read More

Topic: Scholarship Management

Donor Reporting in Higher Education Survey Results

In February 2016 we asked hundreds donor relations professionals to share how they report to donors throughout the year. Read More

Topic: Reports

Where Scholarships and Stewardship Collide

Check out what two campuses have done to bring Financial Aid and Donor Relations together. Hopefully you can bring some of these best practices to your college or university! Read More

Topic: Case Studies

How Top Colleges Overcome Common Scholarship Review Challenges

With collaboration from leading community colleges, we have come up with to top challenges that arise during the scholarship review season and some key tips on how to overcome these challenges. Read More

Topic: Tips

Promoting Scholarships Toolkit

Check out what over 15 colleges, universities, and foundations have done to promote scholarships opportunities on their campus and in their communities. Read More

Topic: Scholarship Management

2016 AcademicWorks Conference Recap

Every year hundreds of AcademicWorks users travel to Austin, Texas for the AcademicWorks Conference to spend time with their peers and the AcademicWorks team. Read More

Topic: Events

2016 Trends in Scholarship Management

With collaboration from leading colleges and universities, we have come up with top trends driving decisions for financial aid, donor relations, and scholarship management professionals this year. Read More

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