University of North Texas


  • Denton, TX
  • 36,000 students
  • Founded in 1890, UNT is the largest university in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.
  • Number of Funds: 400
  • AcademicWorks customer since 2011


Problem: Managing Renewable Scholarships via Spreadsheets

The University of North Texas manages over 400 scholarships, 35 of which are renewable for more than 5,000 students. Prior to implementing AcademicWorks, these renewable awards were managed entirely by spreadsheets. Significant time and effort were required for Financial Aid personnel and students to renew, appeal, and monitor probation periods.

Financial Aid personnel found it difficult to obtain current and accurate student information to manage renewable scholarships, which resulted in some ineligible students receiving renewals and some eligible students missing out on funding. “If students were not aware of the appeal process, there is a good chance they were missing out on scholarship money they deserved,” stated Tyra Kruse, Financial Aid Administrator.

AcademicWorks Simplifies the Scholarship Renewal Process

With the implementation of AcademicWorks with renewal management functionality, the university now automatically tracks all renewable awards. A nightly import of student data means that Financial Aid personnel are able to easily access the information they need every day.

Personnel can answer student questions and respond to appeals with current and accessible student records. Students ending a probationary period are now automatically reinstated if they qualify, rather than having to proactively submit an appeal for reinstatement. Personnel, and donors, can now be positive that each student is truly eligible for an award.

Improved Student Experience

Students attending UNT are a mix of traditional and non-traditional students. “We took the time during implementation to focus on how to better serve our modern students,” said Krause. With robust, easily accessible data, UNT was able to improve a scholarship recipient’s experience. “We changed our audit period from once a term to once a year. This provides more flexibility for our students who are taking a non-traditional path or who want to take a semester to travel or complete an internship. As long as a student meets the requirements over a year-long period, we will grant them their award,” said Krause. “AcademicWorks makes it easy complete these audits quickly and the flexibility of the product makes it easy to track exceptions for students.”

Simplify Scholarship Management

The scholarship staff and students of the University of North Texas have transformed their scholarship management processes using AcademicWorks. Please contact us to see how we can help your organization simplify scholarship management.