Colorado State University


  • Fort Collins, CO
  • Established in 1870
  • 30,600 Students Enrolled
  • 1,400 Scholarship Funds
  • AcademicWorks Customer Since 2014

Problem: Costly Gaps in the System
The Financial Aid office at Colorado State University (CSU) created and managed their in-house online scholarship system. Using this, they maintained a separate online awarding system for eight academic colleges, the CSU Foundation, and several departments across campus, representing over 1,400 scholarship opportunities.

Although the prior system was satisfactory for the application and awarding processes, it required the near full-time devotion of an IT programmer to maintain it. Additional IT programmers were required to maintain the system within the eight academic colleges.

However, the CSU system made it difficult to identify and promote scholarships to students. As a result, many CSU students remained unaware of scholarships that were available or the donors who provided them.

AcademicWorks Provides a Unified Solution
To overcome these challenges, Colorado State began implementing AcademicWorks campus-wide in 2014. The conversion was completed within six months–in time for their 2015 scholarship cycle.

Using the AcademicWorks Solution, the CSU Foundation and Financial Aid Office can now easily monitor all awarding activities in real time, without the need to email for information or run lengthy reports.

Donor awareness has also increased among students since AcademicWorks was implemented. The solution organizes each scholarship opportunity and lists them all by name.

“AcademicWorks provides us with a single place for everyone on campus to access and manage scholarship information,” stated Candy Chapman, Associate Director for Financial Aid Systems at Colorado State University. “We now provide varying levels of access to administrators to view scholarship applications and update award information in a single unified system,” she continued.

“One benefit we appreciate is that administrators maintain the freedom to award their scholarships and are now able to update the award information associated with the scholarships in their specific college,” said Chapman. Another benefit is that communication has improved significantly on campus because both the Financial Aid staff and administrators have more involvement in the scholarship process.

“The AcademicWorks implementation changed the way we think about scholarship management at Colorado State University. With our new AcademicWorks system, we have the flexibility to treat each fund in a unique way with an individual application, timeline, and post-award process, if needed,” concluded Chapman.

Simplify Scholarship Management
AcademicWorks transformed the way Colorado State University manages their scholarships. Please contact us to see how we can assist your campus.