American Indian Graduate Center


  • Albuquerque NM
  • Founded in 1969
  • AIGC is the only National non-­‐profit organization dedicated to aiding American Indian and Alaska Native graduate students in all fields of study
  • AcademicWorks customer since 2011

American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC) had a very manual process prior to AcademicWorks that involved mailing over 3000 applications across the country. Students submitted their application and supporting documents to AIGC via hard copy, where the application data was manually entered into a database by AIGC staff. The process resulted in a lot of wasted paper, printing, postage, and staff time.

AIGC reviewed several scholarship solutions and found that AcademicWorks offered a greater degree of configurability and personalization. They also had a professional look and feel, which is important as we deal with graduate students. AcademicWorks rose above all others as the most flexible and user friendly of the systems we reviewed.

I don’t remember our implementation process because it was so simple! AcademicWorks took our existing paper application and created the system fields for us. They also provided best practice consulting on what aspects of our paper process weren’t relevant or appropriate when moving to an online application. Two staff members were able to get AcademicWorks up and running in just 6 weeks, while still performing their other duties.

I don’t remember our implementation process because it was so simple!

AcademicWorks has been very well received. Applicants love the fact that they don’t need to download or mail an application. We love being able to review applications from hotels and coffee shops across the country as we travel across the country. Online access has dramatically expedited our awarding process.

I am confident AcademicWorks is saving money in a variety of areas (printing, postage, staff time, etc.). Even if measured in more intangible ways (staff satisfaction, reduced phone calls, reporting, etc.) AcademicWorks is well worth the cost.

I recommend AcademicWorks to my peers. As an organization that puts the needs of our students before all else, it’s refreshing to work with a vendor that understands our needs. We have not waited longer than one-­‐day for a response or solution. I have worked very hard to make this product difficult, but this is the least technical technology I’ve seen!