About Us

AcademicWorks was created by individuals with over 50 years of combined experience in providing a variety of cloud-based administrative solutions for institutions of higher education and nonprofits. Our solutions allow clients to remove barriers and eliminate redundant processes while enhancing the organizational collaboration that is so critical to the clients we serve.

AcademicWorks was founded in 2010 and spent the majority of its first year researching the scholarship management process at over 300 colleges, universities, and foundations. What we found surprised us. 

The organizations we visited with were still awarding scholarships via a variety of disparate paper processes, which were time consuming for staff to administer and difficult for students to understand. A number of these organizations had reviewed the commercial solutions available, but found they lacked the functionality, flexibility, or integration options required to truly address their problems.

As a result, it was all too common to hear that funds were not being awarded correctly or not being awarded at all, donors were not receiving the recognition they deserve, and students with the most need were not given proper consideration for scholarship awards.

In 2011, AcademicWorks released the first comprehensive, integrated scholarship management solution for campuses and foundations. Our solution allows students to apply for all awards using one intuitive and streamlined application process, while eliminating many time consuming administrative tasks by offering a common platform for improved reporting, compliance, and stewardship. The response was immediate, and by the end of 2011 over 30 clients had implemented AcademicWorks. Today, hundreds of colleges, universities, and foundations have selected AcademicWorks, which has made us the largest provider of scholarship management solutions in the world.

In spring of 2014, AcademicWorks responded to our client recommendations and released the first commercially available solution to assist colleges, universities, and foundations with managing their renewable scholarship awards. The Renewal Management module allows campuses and nonprofits to track renewable award commitments, request renewal documentation, and automatically determine student compliance with renewable award requirements.

We are committed to continually improving our customer experience through ongoing product innovation and outstanding service and support. We appreciate your interest in AcademicWorks and invite you to contact us to learn more!