AcademicWorks provides higher education clients with several integration options to enhance their experience with the platform. This includes an automated nightly process for importing student data used to match students with relevant scholarship opportunities, an interface for exporting award data from AcademicWorks to be used in campus payment systems, and integration with your campus authentication system via LDAP, SAML, or Shibboleth.

Data Import Process

Your student data import file can be uploaded to AcademicWorks through the application itself. Or, you can automate the process and transfer the file to AcademicWorks via our web-based API. All files are transferred to AcademicWorks over HTTPS. If you use the API, the process can be automated via a basic script using the cURL utility or a programming language of your choice. Files may be uploaded as frequently as once per day. A sample script is provided by AcademicWorks during implementation. Once the file is uploaded,AcademicWorks automatically reviews the import file for any changes since the last file you provided. After student records are imported, the system immediately begins comparing any modified data with all open scholarship opportunities to identify any new scholarship matches for the students.

Award Export API

AcademicWorks provides our customers with a convenient web-based API for accessing scholarship award data. This data can be imported into other campus systems. Clients also have the option to export award data from AcademicWorks manually via an on demand report builder.

Campus Authentication Integration

AcademicWorks can integrate with your campus authentication system through LDAP, Shibboleth, or SAML. Enabling campus authentication will allow students, faculty, and staff to log in into your AcademicWorks system using their existing campus credentials. While these primary users log in using their campus credentials, your non-campus users (i.e., reference providers and reviewers) may access your AcademicWorks system by invitation only using their email address and password.