Renewable Scholarship Management

The AcademicWorks Renewal Management Module is the only solution that improves the accuracy and compliance associated with administering renewable scholarship awards. The Renewal Management Module eliminates the spreadsheets and guesswork associated with scholarship renewals, while dramatically streamlining the process for administrators.

Create Renewable Awards

Simply designate the number of terms and the dates associated with a renewable award, and the Renewal Management Module will create records for all future award commitments.

Monitor Compliance

Automatically track student compliance with renewal requirements using imported student record data. The Renewal Management Module will automatically highlight awards that have fallen out of compliance with renewal requirements.

Modify Awards

Disburse, defer, modify, or cancel a renewable award using an intuitive administrative interface. 

Collect Documentation

Allow students to submit renewal documentation online (e.g., thank you letters, proof of enrollment). Provide students with automatic reminders when renewal documentation is due.

Produce Reports

Review all future renewal commitments by student, fund, or term. Easily produce reports on award disbursements for further analysis and import into other systems.