Foundation Scholarship Management Software

Increase impact on the community by making scholarships more accessible for applicants and strengthening donor relationships with award recipients

Strengthen Donor Relationships with Award Recipients

  • Help donors understand their impact on the community with easy access to award recipient information
  • Recognize donors with the ability to highlight each donor directly on your scholarship website
  • Increase the connection with students and donors by easily providing each others story
  • Collect donor acknowledgements online or track receipt of hand written thank-you letters
  • Recognize donors and provide students with the information to create impactful donor acknowledgements
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Streamline the Application and Administration Processes

  • A single website makes it easy to direct students through the application process
  • Increase marketing efforts and allow more applicants to access scholarship funds
  • Simplify the administration process with the ability to collect applications, manage the review process, and communicate with award recipients through a single solution
  • Allow students to update important information each year for renewable awards

Make More Informed Awarding Decisions

  • Identify the most qualified students faster than ever using intuitive applicant grid views
  • Simplify the awarding process with one centralized pool of applicants, especially for highly restrictive scholarship funds

Simplify Reviewing

  • Review and rate applicants online using a scoring rubric that can be modified to accommodate the unique requirements for each scholarship fund
  • Auto-assign or manually assign applications to reviewers and track the progress of reviews at the individual or group level
  • Make scoring easy with a side-by-side view of the application and scoring rubric on any device
  • Redistribute reviews to other members of the group when a reviewer fails to complete the appropriate reviews in a timely manner

Network of Peers

  • Connect with hundreds of scholarship professionals across the country to collaborate on current scholarship trends
  • Learn best practices from other AcademicWorks users
  • Attend the AcademicWorks Conference, one of the largest meetings of scholarship professionals in higher education