University of Oklahoma


  • Norman, Oklahoma
  • Four Year Public University
  • Number of Funds: 2,500
  • Enrollment: 27,500
  • AcademicWorks Customer Since 2014


Problem: Decentralized Scholarship Process
The University of Oklahoma (OU) has 15 colleges with 152 majors, each one of which had a unique scholarship application process. “Some colleges had paper applications and some had online applications,” said Jessica Schwager, Assistant Director of Scholarships at the University of Oklahoma. “We wanted to centralize the process to make it easier for students to access scholarships,” she added. Centralizing the scholarship process would also help the scholarship office gain a better understanding of the scholarships being awarded throughout the entire campus. As OU looked to centralize their process, they also wanted to allow the colleges to continue to ask unique application questions and make awarding decisions for scholarships in their college.

AcademicWorks Centralizes Scholarship Process
The AcademicWorks solution allows for centralized control with flexibility for individual colleges. “The Conditional Application feature is a huge benefit for our schools,” says Schwager. “This gives each college or department the flexibility they need and want over their applications,” while still having everything available online. The application process is fast and easy for students, because answering standard application questions automatically applies them to many of the scholarships best suited for them. Students only have to complete each question one time. A lot of the information we use to qualify students for scholarships is imported from the student information system. This import process ensures that no matter who is making the scholarship award across campus, the scholarship office is confident the award decision is made from current student data.

Better Student Applicant and Staff Experience
The OU scholarship office worked closely with their web communications team to spread the word about the new scholarship application system with online content and on-campus events. The students responded to the news by flooding the new site. “Within four hours of putting the scholarship information on our site, we had over 3,000 applications submitted,” said Schwager.

Simplify Scholarship Management
AcademicWorks transformed the way the University of Oklahoma manages their scholarships. Please contact us to see how we can assist your campus.