Tarleton State University


  • Stephenville, TX
  • 12,500 Students
  • Founded in 1899, Tarleton State University became part of the Texas A&M System in 1917•
  • AcademicWorks customer since 2013

Prior to implementing AcademicWorks, the Tarleton State University Scholarship Office would collect paper applications and scan them into the institution’s document imaging system. The application data was then manually entered into a database so we could run queries on students meeting criteria for specific scholarship awards. Reviewers were then instructed to visit the imaging system to access applications for their specific scholarships.

We began implementation of AcademicWorks in early 2013. We purposely planned for a longer implementation timeline than the 3-4 months proposed by AcademicWorks to ensure we had plenty of time to set our scholarship criteria and familiarize ourselves with the system. Our IT Team participated in the implementation and helped create the nightly Banner export file.

AcademicWorks has been well received by students. This year we had over 4600 students (about 38% of our students) complete the scholarship application process.

The product has been easy to use and the service provided by AcademicWorks has been outstanding.

Prior to implementing AcademicWorks we were allowing students to apply for scholarships using the Apply Texas scholarship application. We have found that using the AcademicWorks application gives us a clearer picture of students that are truly interested in our institution and resulted in fewer cancellations/declines.

Our scholarship administrators have also loved AcademicWorks. There were a few reviewers that felt there were too many applications to review. As such, we will be working to set stricter qualifications and potentially add reviewers for these specific scholarship opportunities.

The product has been easy to use and the service provided by AcademicWorks has been outstanding. We have been also been able to more quickly identify students that no longer meet the GPA requirements associated with their award due to the nightly import process.

We recommend AcademicWorks to our peer institutions and would encourage prospective clients to spend time considering their scholarship qualifications, as this will help narrow down the number of applications that need to be reviewed for each scholarship award.