SUNY Brockport


  • Brockport, NY
  • 8,500 Students
  • Founded in 1835
  • One of the 64 campuses in the State University of New York System
  • AcademicWorks Customer 2011

The College at Brockport went live with AcademicWorks in November of 2011. Prior to AcademicWorks we had a paper intensive process where we received 300-350 paper applications a year. Each of these applications had to be photocopied and sent to the various review committees across campus.

After the review committees made their selection our office would mail paper congratulatory and regret letters to applicants. All of this was very time consuming considering there is only one full-time and one part-time person responsible for the scholarship process.

Prior to selecting AcademicWorks, we reviewed other vendors but preferred the overall layout of AcademicWorks. We also liked the Higher Education experience of their staff and reputation of their customer service group.

The implementation process went quickly and smoothly. AcademicWorks laid out a timeline and made sure we stuck to it.

Implementation of AcademicWorks went quickly and smoothly. The team from AcademicWorks laid out a timeframe and made sure we stuck to it. The two members from our scholarship office and a representative from IT participated in the implementation. Overall, we spent about 4 months on the process.

We had received an overwhelmingly positive response from applicants regarding the system. They said the process is easy and less time-consuming. This year there were over 900 applications in the system, representing nearly a 300% increase over our paper process.

Most of the reviewers absolutely love the system, however, some were hesitant to change. The ones that love it appreciate the increase in applications and are excited that more students are applying. We plan to continue working with the ones that have been more resistant to the transition.

The AcademicWorks System is definitely meeting our expectations. The numbers of applications have increased exponentially. We just completed our first year but expect to see significant time and cost benefits as our experience with the system grows. The staff at AcademicWorks have also been amazing and are always there to help!

I highly recommend AcademicWorks to my peer institutions and look forward to making the system work even better for our College this year!