Portland Community College


  • Portland, OR
  • Enrollment of 33,700
  • Number of Funds: 180
  • AcademicWorks Customer 2013
  • Previous Process: STARS Scholarship Software

Problem: More Robust Scholarship Management System Needed

Portland Community College (PCC) began the search for a new scholarship management system in 2013, after realizing that their current system, which was housed on a campus sever, was causing numerous speed and performance issues for applicants and reviewers.

“Everyone on campus was in favor of moving to a cloud-based solution, and we wanted a system that was going to grow with us,” said Jennifer McBratney, Scholarship Coordinator for Portland Community College. “It was surprising how much buy-in we had from across campus,” she added.

Ultimately, PCC chose AcademicWorks because of the nightly integration with the campus Banner® student information system. After watching demonstrations of other products on the market, it was clear that the ability to automatically match students with scholarships was easier with AcademicWorks than any other solution. “Other solutions available said they could auto match students to scholarships, but limitations always arose when we got into the details,” said McBratney.

AcademicWorks Expands Functionality, Information Integration

Both students and reviewers found the AcademicWorks solution easy to use.

Following implementation, PCC observed a simultaneous doubling in scholarship applications and a decrease in the number of questions from student applicants.

The review process also became more convenient with the AcademicWorks solution. Reviewers were extremely excited to be able to read and review applications easily on their computer or tablet from anywhere. Reviewers now complete their reviews faster which ultimately speeds up the overall scholarship process.

“It is obvious that AcademicWorks is focused on evolving their product based on the feedback from their customers. I am looking forward to a great future with the AcademicWorks team,” said McBratney.

Simplify Scholarship Management

AcademicWorks improved the way Portland Community College manages its scholarships. Please contact us to see how we can assist your campus.