Pasadena City College


  • Pasadena, CA
  • Enrollment: 30,000
  • Pasadena City College awards students over $1 Million in Scholarships/Grants each year
  • AcademicWorks customer since 2013

Pasadena City College implemented AcademicWorks in 2013. Before implementation, PCC had their own online application, however, it was not well publicized and students had to search to apply for scholarships. It also didn’t automatically match students with scholarship opportunities they were eligible for. All of these factors led to low student participation.

The Foundation began reviewing alternate solutions in late 2012 and selected AcademicWorks in the Spring of 2013, primarily due to the nightly Banner import process AcademicWorks offered.

We started implementation in mid-April 2013 and went live in mid-August for the Fall 2013 Semester. We implemented AcademicWorks and Banner in the same semester, which was tricky. However, AcademicWorks was very helpful and supportive during the implementation process.

AcademicWorks has made the application process much easier for students, resulting in a 400% increase in the number of applications.

AcademicWorks has made the application process much easier for students, resulting in a 400% increase in the number of applications we receive (from 300 to over 1400)! The increased participation allows us to justify to our donors that more scholarships are needed at and that we have an effective process to reach students.

We have over 70 individuals who help us review student applications. Most reviewers love AcademicWorks, especially the ability to review from home on their laptop or tablet device and the intuitive split-screen review process. There were a few reviewers that were less tech savvy that have required additional training but overall it has been well received.

I am a HUGE fan of AcademicWorks technical support! The Client Services team is very reliable. All of my calls are logged via helpdesk so I can easily follow-up on any questions I may have. Their Client Conference is also a great opportunity to meet the AW team and peer institutions to share ideas.

AcademicWorks has given Pasadena City College greater accountability in awarding scholarships, while providing a structure through which we can reach more students and award more money. The relationship with AcademicWorks has been a Godsend for our campus!”