Oklahoma City Community Foundation


  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Established in 1969
  • The foundation made over $31 Million in distributions over the past 12 months
  • AcademicWorks Customer Since 2013

Prior to implementing AcademicWorks in 2013, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation was bogged down in a paper-driven application process for over 100 unique scholarship opportunities. The process was so cumbersome, scholarship application materials were stored in boxes, filling up an entire room..

During the evaluation phase, the foundation reviewed a total of five scholarship management solutions before selecting AcademicWorks. The evaluation revealed AcademicWorks was, by far, the most user-friendly of the solutions, had the most helpful (and non-pushy!) sales team. It was clear that there was a solid engineering team that would continue to grow and evolve the product.

In our first year using AcademicWorks, our number of completed applications grew by 37%.

The implementation of AcademicWorks lasted about 4 months. The length of time could have been shortened, but the foundation used the implementation process as an opportunity to take a close look at each scholarship opportunity to ensure full compliance with each fund agreement. The process was a great opportunity for staff members to learn more about all of the scholarships at the foundation.

During the first year of using AcademicWorks, the number of completed applications grew by 37%. The ability of the AcademicWorks solution to automatically match and recommend scholarships to applicants has been one of the greatest benefits for the foundation. This allows applicants to apply for scholarships that were previously unknown or difficult to identify..

Candidly, review committee members were initially nervous to use the new system. In order to mitigate this risk, the foundation developed reviewer trainings and guided several reviewers through the process over the phone. Overall, the process was a huge success. The foundation staff and applicant reviewers are eager to use AcademicWorks for the second year and with much more confidence.

“I love using AcademicWorks, and the staff is the best in the business. They are friendly, creative-thinkers that are genuinely interested in helping you solve problems in a manner best suited to your organization.”

“Call me and I will talk your ear off about all the reasons you should choose AcademicWorks!”