Milwaukee Area Technical College


  • Milwaukee, WI
  • 20,000 students
  • Founded in 1912, MATC has grown to become one of the Midwest’s largest community-­‐based technical colleges.
  • AcademicWorks customer since 2011

Problem: Paper-based Scholarship Process

Prior to implementing AcademicWorks in 2011, Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) used an entirely paper-based scholarship management process which was very labor- and time- consuming. Financial Aid Office personnel managed all aspects of the process.

AcademicWorks Moves Paper Process Online

Converting MATC’s paper system to an online format took three months. AcademicWorks Implementation Team worked closely with the staff of MATC throughout the process. “AcademicWorks was outstanding and very responsive in updating the product to meet our needs,” said Christine McGee, Executive Director of the Milwaukee Area Technical College Foundation. The Financial Aid and Foundation Offices worked together to update and collect all the forms and student information in the Colleague® by Ellucian System.

Improved Student and Staff Experience

The AcademicWorks solution improved the application process for students, reduced the manual labor involved in verifying the information in the applications, and improved the award integrity in line with donor intentions.

Students liked the application change. “Overall, our reviewers also seemed to find the process user friendly,” said McGee. “We collected over 1,000 scholarship applications in the first cycle, which is three times what we received with our paper-based process,” she added.

The scholarship review and award process had traditionally been handled by the Financial Aid Office, but with the implementation of AcademicWorks, the Foundation was able to handle it themselves. “As a result of the implementation, our Financial Aid Office was able to reallocate a full-time employee, we awarded scholarships much earlier than in the past, and I have more confidence that scholarships are being awarded more consistently with donor intentions,” says McGee.

Simplify Scholarship Management

AcademicWorks completely transformed and improved the way Milwaukee Area Technical College manages their scholarships. Please contact us to see how we can assist your campus.