Madison Area Technical College


  • Madison, WI
  • Founded in 1912
  • Number of Funds: 250
  • Enrollment: 16,000
  • AcademicWorks Customer Since 2013

Problem: Managing Renewable Scholarships via Spreadsheets

Each year, many students returning to Madison Area Technical College rely on renewable scholarships to help them achieve their graduation goals. The college manages a total of 250 scholarships, 15 of which are renewable. Renewable scholarships required the most time and effort because each one was managed using spreadsheets. “The spreadsheet tracked student recipients and the number of times they had received an award,” said Ruth Hankes, Scholarship Manager for Madison Area Technical College. “When it came time to distribute the funds, staff had to manually search the student information system for enrollment status, major, etc., for verification,” she continued. Once verification was complete, award recipients were added to the master spreadsheet and sent to the finance department for distribution. The multi-step process took several people weeks of work just to manage the small number of scholarships.

AcademicWorks Improves Accuracy and Timeliness of Renewable Awards

Madison Area Technical College chose AcademicWorks to help manage all of their 250 scholarships, including their renewable scholarships. AcademicWorks and foundation staff worked together to create a customized award and tracking system. Now, staff spends less time verifying students while making more accurate award decisions, and renewable awards are no longer difficult to coordinate. “Because student records are imported nightly from the student information system, the staff is able to view an up-to-date student record from directly within AcademicWorks whenever they need to make verifications,” noted Hankes. A scoring process makes it easy for staff to recognize if a student remains qualified to receive their renewable award. Because all information is housed in a single location, the accuracy and timeliness of award decisions has improved significantly.

Better Experiences for Donors and Students

The staff at Madison Area Technical College is excited to have a much more efficient and accurate scholarship management process using AcademicWorks. The improved accuracy of award decisions allows their foundation to give donors an up-to-date report on recipients. The foundation excitement is evident to potential donorstoo, who can be assured that their donations are being accurately awarded and efficiently managed.

Scholarship winners also benefit from the AcademicWorks solution. “Once a student applies for and receives a renewable award, they do not need to reapply for their scholarship each renewal period,” said Hankes. The staff has the updated information they need to renew, defer, or cancel the award for each student. Students can concentrate on their studies instead of scholarship renewal deadlines and paperwork.

Simplify Scholarship Management

The scholarship staff and students of Madison Area Technical College have benefitted from working with AcademicWorks. Please contact us to see how we can help your organization simplify scholarship management.