Germanna Community College


  • Locust Grove, VA
  • Enrollment: 7,500
  • Scholarship Funds: 70
  • Founded in 1970

Problem: Paper Applications

The scholarship process at Germanna Community College was operated using paper applications and spreadsheets. Once paper applications were collected, financial aid and the foundation would use spreadsheets to make the awards together.

“With the paper process, the financial aid office had trouble getting verification of financial aid from students before the semester started,” says Jessica Cannon, Scholarship Advisor for Germanna Community College. “Our director of financial aid decided to bring in scholarship management technology to help improve the awarding system and improve communications between financial aid and the foundation,” she says.

The AcademicWorks Solution

Since implementing AcademicWorks in 2015, the college has used its new capabilities to increase applications and streamline the awarding process. “The financial aid office spreads the word about available scholarships through the school website, direct emails to students, workshops, and postcards,” says Cannon. “We even include a step-by- step guide for students on how to apply for scholarships,” she says. “We want to increase the quantity and quality of scholarship applications,” says Cannon.

Once applications are collected, the financial aid office and the foundation work together within AcademicWorks to make awards. “Because the scholarship qualifications are well documented within AcademicWorks, it is easy for the team to find the most deserving applicants,” notes Cannon.


With the help of AcademicWorks, Germanna ended their scholarship cycle earlier this year. “We were able to award scholarships to students before the start of the school year,” says Cannon. “This helped our students to plan financially for their semester,” she says.

Simplify Scholarship Management

AcademicWorks is transforming the way Germanna Community College manages their scholarships. Please contact us to see how we can assist your campus.