Boise State University


  • Boise, Idaho
  • Enrollment: 22,000
  • Number of Funds: 900 funds on campus – 270 awarded using AcademicWorks
  • AcademicWorks Customer Since: 2014

Problem: Complicated Manual Scholarship Process
Boise State University was using a series of complex spreadsheets across multiple campus departments to manage a manual scholarship application, matching, review, and awarding process. Once awards were finalized, student workers and staff members manually entered award information into PeopleSoft®.

This complex process led to many challenges for the Financial Aid office. “There was too much room for human error as awards were entered into PeopleSoft®,” said Renee Rehder, Senior Associate Director, Enrollment Services and Scholarships. “For example, it was easy to misalign a name with a student ID number, and cleaning up data at the end of the scholarship cycle took a significant amount of resources,” stated Rehder. Once awards were finally ready for disbursement, award recipients were required to go online to accept their award. “Students struggled with the acceptance process because it was not user-friendly, and sometimes it took months for a student to finally accept an award properly so that we could disburse funds to their account,” said Rehder.

AcademicWorks Decreases Room for Human Error
Boise State University decided to implement AcademicWorks to eliminate the manual matching, verification, and fund disbursement processes. Today, the AcademicWorks solution seamlessly imports student records from PeopleSoft® and the interface helps identify the most qualified student for each award. Each department has role-based access to manage their specific scholarships and make awards. Award information is available instantly for the Financial Aid office, rather than having to wait on spreadsheets via email.   Once awards are offered within AcademicWorks, students log in using campus credentials and easily complete acceptance in just two clicks. Following the students’ acceptance of awards, and once funds are ready for disbursement, the AcademicWorks Fund Disbursement Application Programming Interface (API) allows the campus to automatically export award information into PeopleSoft® and post to student accounts.

Improved Application and Award System
With the implementation of AcademicWorks and two-way integration with Peoplesoft®, Boise State was able to improve awarding accuracy and the acceptance process for students. “At Boise State, the Fund Disbursement Export API has streamlined our process, so students only have to make a few clicks to accept awards, versus the almost ten clicks with our previous process,” exclaimed Rehder. “With the Fund Disbursement API speaking directly to our PeopleSoft® system, we can make sure students receive award offers in as little as 24 hours.”

Simplify Scholarship Management
AcademicWorks improved the way Boise State University manages their scholarships. Please contact us to see how we can assist your campus.