Austin Community College District


  • Austin, Texas
  • Enrollment of 43,000 Students
  • 125 Funds
  • AcademicWorks Customer Since 2013

Problem: Using a Partially Automated Scholarship Application System

Austin Community College (ACC) required students applying for ACC Foundation scholarships to use an in-house online system. With limited functionality, few students were actually using the system.

Since the in-house system was not fully automated, ACC staff spent significant time manually matching applications to over 125 different scholarship funds, each with differing criteria. Also, stewardship efforts were not automated, so it often took weeks to receive “thank-you” letters from students who received awards.

Academic Works Provides Fully Automated System

Austin Community College knew that improvements to the system were needed. “We have a very small staff, so it is incredibly important that we operate as efficiently as possible,” says Stephanie Dempsey, the Executive Director of the Austin Community College Foundation.

ACC wanted a solution that would improve the application process and award efficiency, and better recognize the impact of donors. After careful searching, ACC chose the AcademicWorks Scholarship Management Platform and went live in early 2014.

An Improved Student, Staff, and Donor Experience

AcademicWorks has dramatically simplified the scholarship application process for students at ACC. Student record data is now automatically imported into AcademicWorks from the college student information system on a nightly basis. AcademicWorks then automatically matches students against all of the ACC Foundation’s available scholarship funds, reducing staff time. Also, reviewers can now view scholarship applications online instead of printing each application.

“One of the best parts of AcademicWorks has been the impact it has had on our donor stewardship efforts,” says Dempsey. “Students are automatically prompted to submit a donor thank-you letter, personal statement, and picture as part of the award acceptance process. A donor enjoyed the stewardship reports so much he actually asked another institution to implement a similar format,” says Dempsey

“Awards are now accepted in a matter of days instead of weeks, allowing us to quickly communicate recipient information to donors. I would highly recommend AcademicWorks to any of my peers!”

Simplify Scholarship Management

AcademicWorks improved the way Austin Community College manages their scholarships. Please contact us to see how we can assist your campus.