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  • Community Foundation
  • Number of Funds: 170
  • AcademicWorks Customer Since 2013


Problem: Managing the Scholarship Process by Paper

The Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) managed every aspect of their scholarship programs by paper. Applicants submitted their applications, letters of recommendations and transcripts separately. It was difficult to get all the required materials from applicants by the deadline. Once everything was received, staff members at the foundation then had to organize separate stacks of materials in order to review and make awards.

AcademicWorks Moves Paper Process Online

Working closely with ACF personnel, AcademicWorks adapted the paper scholarship process to a completely online experience. Students now apply online and upload the necessary documents with their application. The system automatically organizes the materials for easy evaluation.

The Arizona Community Foundation has worked closely with the AcademicWorks team to develop the right scholarship process for them. “The AcademicWorks team is incredibly helpful, responsive, and creative,” said Tamika Davis, Education and Scholarships Coordinator for the Arizona Community Foundation.

Better Applicant, Staff and Donor Experience

Since implementing the AcademicWorks solution, “We’ve had a huge increase in completed applications,” said Davis. “Students can go online to apply and can browse scholarship opportunities on their phone,” she added.

Davis says that donors also appreciate the new system. “Having more applications is a huge selling point to our donors,” she said. “Donors like knowing that a website is drawing students where there are 90 scholarship opportunities to choose from.”

For staff, having everything online is a great organizational advantage. “No paper!” says Davis, enthusiastically.

Simplify Scholarship Management
AcademicWorks improved the way the Arizona Community Foundation manages their scholarships. Please contact us to see how we can assist your campus.