Colorado State University Announcement

Colorado State University Makes It Easier for Students to Access Scholarships with User-Friendly Management Software

Donors, Students, Award Teams Now Have Centralized Access to Scholarship Information

AUSTIN, Texas –March 2, 2015—AcademicWorks, the only provider of comprehensive scholarship management solutions, today announced Colorado State University, has gone live with its scholarship management software. Prior to implementation of AcademicWorks, Colorado State University Financial Aid Office was responsible for developing, managing and updating a scholarship application system, along with a separate online awarding system for eight academic colleges, the CSU Foundation, and several departments across campus representing more than 1,400 scholarship opportunities.

“While our prior Financial Aid Office systems satisfactorily handled the application and awarding processes, coordination and ongoing management required the majority of an IT programmer’s time, in addition to programming time needed for each of the eight academic colleges,” said Candy Chapman, Associate Director for Financial Aid Systems at Colorado State University.

AcademicWorks provides Colorado State University with one authoritative database for all scholarships on campus. Students are automatically matched against scholarship fund criteria using information collected via a configurable scholarship application and/or data imported from their student record. Colleges and departments can maintain their scholarship opportunities and unique awarding processes, while still benefiting from the system.

“With our new AcademicWorks system, we have the flexibility to treat each fund in a unique way, customizing the application, timeline, and award process as needed. AcademicWorks provides a single platform for everyone to manage scholarship information, while still offering the freedom for colleges and departments to make their own awards”, says Chapman.

“AcademicWorks is dedicated to providing educational institutions with the technology they need to improve their scholarship awarding processes, said Brandon Phipps, CEO of AcademicWorks. “Campuses use AcademicWorks to improve administration of their scholarship funds, while enhancing services to students, donors and the campus community.”