AcademicWorks Expands Reach Into Canada Providing Technology To Increase Use Of Scholarship And Bursary Funds In Higher Education

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The increasing cost of education is forcing college students to take on unsustainable amounts of debt to fund their degree.  With apocalyptic levels of student debt it is surprising that, millions of dollars in bursaries and scholarships go un-awarded each year.

One of the reasons that these funds go unutilized is because of disorganized awarding practices on college campuses.  Scholarships may be awarded out of individual academic departments or programs, using a wide array of application and selection processes. This confusing approach often leaves students confused and disenfranchised. With lower student application rates, administrators often have a hard time finding qualified students for scholarship awards, especially those with very specific requirements.

Several Canadian colleges and universities have turned to a technology solution from AcademicWorks to simplify the scholarship application and matching process for students, while helping institutions increase the percentage of scholarship and bursary dollars awarded each year.

“We are excited to announce we have made some technological investments to expand our customer community in Canada,” said Brandon Phipps, AcademicWorks CEO. “Our team is passionate about providing technology that dramatically simplifies the process of matching students with the supporting campus administrators with technology they need to efficiently award more scholarship funds.”

AcademicWorks is helping colleges and universities revolutionize their scholarship application process to be a more positive and engaging experience for students.  Using AcademicWorks, all scholarships and bursaries are centralized in a searchable website for students to access 24 hours a day.

Rather than requiring students to pick up and return scholarship applications to different offices across campus, AcademicWorks allows campuses to leverage their existing student record data to automatically import key information about the student.  This simplifies the application process for students, while allowing administrators to easily match students against all available scholarship opportunities.

With AcademicWorks, campuses often see a 70% to 200% increase in the number of scholarship applicants and a significant increase in scholarship fund utilization.  AcademicWorks will be a hosting a web demonstration for Canadian higher education professionals to demonstrate how their Scholarship Management Platform can help improve the awarding process. Register for the webinar here.

About AcademicWorks 
Based in Austin, Texas, AcademicWorks provides the only comprehensive scholarship management solution focused on improving access to education through innovative technology. More than 525 institutions and foundations have revolutionized their scholarship management process with AcademicWorks. For more information visit

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